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 biodegradable garbage bags
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. It is only a matter of fact that what they did in the waste separation category and what "remarkable results" they achieved was not obvious at all. No decent evidence was presented. As a matter of fact, it can be seen from a glance that at a glance, this $ 80 million rubbish bag fee is likely to be tricky - otherwise, why are they overshadowed and not reflected in the final accounts? Spent more than 80 million yuan to buy garbage bags, in the end there is no need, we do not have to ask, this may just be the name of money to set it. Whether this money was bought for garbage bags or used elsewhere was the most questionable. A popular joke - a pig farm is the local "performance project", on that day, the higher authorities and organized a group of people to come to visit, accountants found the director difficult to say: "The field, our field hospitality serious overruns, what to do Field director said: "Easy to handle, today's meal, the pig feed into a good." Eat and drink can be turned into a pig feed, then the garbage bag can also be loaded with many other things. More than 8000 million garbage bags are loaded what Han "rubbish", perhaps only the unit itself was clear. Playing tricky on the final accounts is a common practice of violating disciplines in some departments and units, thus bringing with it unhealthy tendencies and even grave problems of corruption and corruption. As the main body of final accounts supervision, the NPC must participate in the entire process of final accounts throughout the entire process and supervise and examine the implementation of the budget of government departments at all levels on behalf of the taxpayers. After examining the problems, relevant units and relevant personnel should also be investigated and blamed. If they are suspected of committing crimes,

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Company Name   -
Street Address   zhejiangningbo
City   zhejiang
Province/State   Anhui
Country/Region   China
Zip Code   315100
Business Phone   86-785- 34547554
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Fax    - -
Website Address   -
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11-25-2017 01:47 am
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biodegradable garbage bags

biodegradable garbage bags

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