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 dog stuffed animals
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ontrol in thirty or forty degrees on it. If it is really hot summer, do not add water, and put a pot in the sun under the water washing plush toy on the very good. 2, the depth of the color of the plush toy separately to wash: wash plush toy, the need to separate the depth of color to wash, do not mix together, in the event of fade, dyed to other plush toy, it is difficult to read. Especially some of the spring plush toy, white, pure pink, etc., stained with a little other colors are very ugly. 3, the choice of neutral detergent: plush toy in the cleaning, the best use of neutral detergent, plush toy less damage, will not lead to hair loss, fade and so on. Add detergent should also be appropriate, according to the instructions on the rational addition, so as not to waste too much. In addition, you can use coarse salt washing plush toy, but pay attention to the amount. 4, wash plush toy should not be too hard: please wash plush toy is, should not be too hard to grasp, pinch, etc., so as not to damage plush toy or lead to hair loss

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Company Name   -
Street Address   zhejiangningbo
City   ningbo
Province/State   Zhejiang
Country/Region   China
Zip Code   315100
Business Phone   86-785-56821845
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Fax    - -
Website Address   -
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05-10-2017 04:50 am
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RM 31005.00
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