B2B Trade Leads by Accident

“B2b Trade Leads” ” Trade Leads” and other similar search terms are very competitive. It takes a lot of time and patience to come up high in the organic search results especially on Google. Many of the competitor sites for these terms are giant corporations that dominate the market and search engines. Then there iswww.rude66.com.

We are an unlikely player in this huge market segment. We didn’t set out to be, we didn’t even know anything about b2b trade leads and such. Here is the story. When I first got on the Internet I never really cared about what was on it rather I only cared about how it worked. So I spent countless hours in front of my computer in my underwear while my wife slept in the glow of my flickering screen learning how to become the 2,376,907th best webmaster in the world.

One day I naively  thought that I would buy the domain name Route66.com and become the “Onramp to the Internet Superhighway” when you read that please insert reverb and James Earl Jones’s voice. You will never guess what happened next…wow you guessed it Route66.com  was already taken and my onramp was closed due to the fact that nobody had a map with my location on it.

Rude66 became my classroom where I learned how to install and manage web sites and web applications that I employed in other projects. I had a client (my brother in-law) that wanted to have a classified ad section on his web site. So I did what I always did I searched the engines, downloaded 800 hundred scripts until I found a few free programs that just might work and then I installed them on Rude66 to test them. I eventually found one that fit the bill and my client was tickled pink.

Well time passed and I never gave my own classified ad script that I installed on my site a second look until I noticed that my bandwidth usage on my shared hosting account was way up. I did a little digging and found out that my little test installation ad script was getting about three thousand ads placed a month and thousands of page view as well. These ads were being placed from all over the world for everything and anything you could imagine. I don’t know how they found it but they sure did.

I thought to myself I wonder if I could find a way to actually make a little money on the Internet. So I did a little research and found out that were web sites offering a service where sellers post their products and services complete with specifications, payment type, availability etcetera. Alibaba.com and Ec21.com  are the foremost examples of this type of business model.

Guess what I did next, that’s right I searched the engines, downloaded 800 hundred scripts until I found a few free programs that just might work and then I installed them on Rude66. I then made the decision to focus my site as a “B2B Trade Portal”. I have invested a lot of time and money to become one of the hundreds if not thousands of unique sites offering the same service to a world in need of duplicated services.

The answer to my thought of making a little money has not really materialized and by not really materialized I mean I haven’t actually made a penny. I don’t want to tell how much I have spent creating, promoting and maintaining Rude66 but let’s just say if i did my wife would be using her maiden name again.

Recently I have included a paid membership for only $20.00 per year where I actually spend $10.00 of the fee to create a Google AdWords campaign to bring traffic to the postings of the member.  I think this helps me as well because any traffic to my site a I see as a good thing.

 So far my site has remained ad free and I am proud of it’s simple interface and usability. My membership is from all over the world primarily China, India, Indonesia and North America and I now have almost 1000 registered members creating new content every day . My site also places well in for some very competitive search terms in  organic search engine results. Which brings me to the reason for this post bringing in new members.

When reviewing my site statistics I have been finding lately the most diverse search terms that lead visitors to Rude66.com such as anarkali suits,  shopp123, dewishop, dk-5mp, 2007-fe2,  y-3 sneakers, prednislone,  ketoralac.

I have never heard of these terms and I did no marketing of them but they account for a good portion of my web traffic. I guess i will continue to try and attract the business seeking exposure and then rely upon their content to bring in the people to use the resources we offer.

My email is full of thanks you and success stories from my members that have made profitable contacts through my site.  I think it is cool that my silly little site site is helping to bring world peace by connecting those seeking Anarakali suits and dewishop together with those selling them. It makes me tear up a little.

Rude66 is living up to our slogan “Bringing the free world together for free”   we just didn’t know it would be through “dried yellow tail fish”, go figure.

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